Serbia Against Violence opposition in Brussels and Paris

Serbia Against Violence (SPN) opposition officials are due to travel to Brussels for meetings with European Commission officials next week, the portal said on Tuesday.

It added that they will also go to Paris but could not confirm any meetings at top level.

Radomir Lazovic MP of SPN member the Green-Left Front said that they will meet MEPs and European Commission officials, adding that meetings are also planned at the French Foreign Ministry and MPs to discuss election conditions in Serbia.

“Now that the entire world has seen the election fraud in Serbia and after the European Parliament resolution was adopted, the focus of our struggle is on election conditions which means getting the electoral rolls in order, opening up the state TV (RTS) and implementing all OSCE/ODIHR and CRTA recommendations,” Lazovic said.

He said the SPN officials will request an independent expert investigation on the systemic violations of rule of law in Serbia, captured institutions and media.

“It’s important to say that this election fraud is not an isolated case but that our institutions have been systematically destroyed, the media abused and society devastated,” he said.

Objavljeno: 21.02.24.

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